Due to COVID-19, we're currently unable to host DwS in-person. For now, check out our 

What to expect?

Flies, laughs and beer.

Drinking with Scissors is an off-season series of social box-stocking get togethers centered around the art of fly tying. DWS is designed to get you face-to-face with others in the fly fishing world, and explore the year round facets of a unique sport.

Each night has a theme with a special guest relating to it. Fly fishing has influenced so many awesome people to do awesome things. We wanted to highlight them by inviting a handful of these awesome folks to join in the DWS fun. Come out and get to know some of these great people and their incredible talents

So turn off your screens, leave your winter den, and join us!

Scratch that itch!

DwS: Lockdown Video Series

Yes, we know it's tough. As much as we'd love to welcome you back in-person for more awesome DwS sessions, we have to stick it out and wait for this virus to pass. But until then, we at BEAC do our best to keep you entertained. After all, we're all in the same boat!

This ain’t your ole’ boys club

Everyone is welcome!

No boring meetings. This is for everyone. Male, female, old, young, rookies, and veterans. Not a fly tier, not a problem, come meet one and you might even end up tying your first fly. Everyone is welcome at these events. Come laugh ole’man winter away!

Ready to tie some flies?

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We promise we'll get things up and running again ASAP. Feel free to contact us at any time for updates.

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