Est. 2013

Black Earth Angling Co.

In 2013 Kyle Zempel founded Black Earth Angling Co. Living in Madison, WI and currently in between jobs Kyle, along with two of his best fishing buddies (Eric and Mark Pavlovich) decided it was time to leave the bustle of the city behind. Wanting to cut their commute time to spring creek mecca, the Driftless Region, they decided to venture into Madison’s outer limits. A lucky search on Craigslist pointed them towards The Black Earth Retreat; a country home in the rural hills of Black Earth, WI.

This move is widely agreed upon to have been the spark that started it all. Black Earth Angling Co. became the reality of dream and ambitions shared over cheap beers. Designed from the scribbles on bar napkins and a bit of young irresponsibility, BEAC was born.

Since its early formation Black Earth Angling Co. has grown into a full-time guiding operation servicing both cold and warm water fisheries, with a sprinkling of destination travel. While Mark and Eric have since moved on to fulfill other life dreams, Kyle remains at the reins taking BEAC into bigger and better seasons.

In a time where the American Dream seems further and further out of reach, Kyle’s journey to build BEAC successful and sustainable small business continues. With the help and support of Ben Lubchansky and Hannah Matousek, BEAC moves forward in its voyage to strengthen the fly fishing community and provide anglers of all abilities with a genuine, world class experience.

Kyle Zempel

Owner, Guide, Pro Photographer

Kyle was introduced to the sport of fishing at a very young age by his grandfathers on the numerous lakes Northern Wisconsin. He was educated on Southwest Colorado's rushing waters, having the unique opportunity to live on the Animas River for numerous summers.

Taking the unyielding passion developed in the Rockies, he returned to Packer Country to guide its diversified bodies of water. Kyle has become known for his guiding and photography on the water, which has appeared in The Flyfish Journal, The Drake, Eastern Fly Fishing,,, and

Ben Lubchansky

Cuisine Specialist, Fly Designer, Guide

Ben is a passionate person. Native to the East Coast he's more than happy to share his opinions on a broad spectrum of topics with you.

A professional cook since the age of 18, he also holds degrees in Geology and Agro-Ecology and enjoys learning bird language and tracking in addition to hunting and fishing. He is honored to call the Wisconsin River valley home.

Hannah Matousek

Garden Boss, Organizer, Behind-the-Scenes Support

Hannah has supported and tolerated Kyle from the early stages of BEAC — she tends to the BEAC garden, manages the schedule, handles most communications, and generally keeps the train on the tracks. Odds are, if you've crossed paths with BEAC, you've crossed paths with Hannah. Being the significant other of a fishing guide and small business owner is far from easy. Without her selfless support, Kyle and BEAC wouldn't be where it is today.

Outside of BEAC, Hannah is settling into a career as a therapeutic horticulturist. She has had a passion for the outdoors since a young age and believes that time spent in nature is time well spent. The love of fly fishing was a natural next step when she picked it up in her early twenties. She isn't a guide, but she sure can fish like one.

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